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27 August 2014 ~ Comments Off

11What Do You Do When You Discover You’re Locked Out of Your Home?

This type of experience seems to have a large “been there done that” following among many people, male or female, married or single. It usually stems from forgetting the house keys and having left them either inside the house itself or in the office. This also happens when your doors automatically locks from the inside, so when you rush out the house, it’s very easy to lock the door, and realizing later you forgot the door keys.

Well and good if you left your keys and someone is home ahead of you. But what if your family isn’t home yet, or you live alone? Some people have a spare key hidden somewhere else, but this may be dangerous if intruders find out where you keep the hidden key. Another solution is to call a locksmith. However, you might want to try out a few things first.

Try scouting the house and see if someone forgot to lock a window. Also check the backdoor if it was locked. However, if you do discover an unlocked window or door, you might want to discuss this with your family and give them the old, “What if I was a thief? You just gave me an entrance to the house to steal all your good stuff.”

You can try breaking the lock if you can do this. Be advised and inform your next door neighbor before doing this, otherwise, someone might call the police thinking you’re a burglar. After breaking into your house, you can then call the locksmith to have a better lock for your door, one you can lock from the outside using a key. When you scout around the house try to see if you can use a rod, wire, or your old credit cards to pry open a window.

Breaking a glass window is never an option because the sound of breaking glass will attract attention, and maybe the police. Also, window repairs are much more expensive compared to having a doorknob or lock replaced.

Try calling up your family members since chances are one of them might be nearly home. Or, you can always go to where they are and go home with them later instead.

When all options are exhausted, perhaps it’s time to call the locksmith. Most locksmiths are on 24-hour call and if one is just nearby, the normal response time is up to 30 minutes.

The bottom line of all this is that, perhaps you should find ways to never ever forget your house keys.


13 August 2014 ~ Comments Off

5 Tips to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn enhances the garden appeal of your home and reflects your refined tastes. Getting a verdant garden is not that difficult and can be easily maintained by adhering to these five simple tips.


You should trim the lawn regularly to facilitate thickening of the grass. The pattern and direction of mowing should be altered every time to avoid pressing the grass blades in a particular direction each time. The grass should be shortened by about half. During midsummer, the cut grass height should be maintained to better weather any droughts.

Applying fertilizers

During grass mowing, nutrients are removed. So, it needs to be replenished to promote healthy growth. You should undertake lawn fertilizing every four weeks from spring start. You can buy fertilizers like phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen and use them as indicated on the packs. The garden soil can be rejuvenated by spading a heavy compost layer into slightly moist soil.  Plants can grow even without nutrition, but the lush production you may be expecting can only be accomplished by feeding the plants suitably. You can also use organic blends.


Watering ensures luxuriant grass that would make your lawn look green and inviting in every season. Watering frequency can be worked out after considering ambient humidity and temperature. The grass turns a blue-gray hue when it needs water. Curled up or limp grass blades are another thing to watch out for.

A new lawn would call for daily watering to facilitate seed germination and developing robust root system. Fully automated and computer operated sprinklers are available that can be programmed for water spraying at predefined intervals. Soaking the ground is advised. You can use mulch for maintaining the soil moisture. Always water in the morning as plants can contract diseases if kept wet overnight. Fungus can take its toll on plants that remain wet through the night.

Controlling weeds and insects

You should weed out plants like white clover, veronicas, etc. You can use root weeders to remove dandelions and daisies as they prominently draw out roots to stop re-growth. Weeds greedily consume the water and nutrients intended for plants. Herbicides are highly effective in controlling the sprouting of weeds. Remember, weeds flourish at an amazingly deadly rate. Consult an expert to learn more about the specific insects that can cause damage to your plants, flowers, and lawn. Buy only the appropriate pesticides if only needed.

Scarification and aeration

Grass roots can grow vibrantly if they get enough air for breathing. Stunted growth may set in if sandy top soil is absent. You need to fill coarse sand in holes dug into the garden with a digging fork. This will prevent stagnation of water on the surface and roots will be supplied with oxygen. Lawn scarification will allow for clearing off dead roots and other rubbish that may have piled up on the surface. This paves way for better growth.

You should avoid walking on wet soil as footsteps will compress the soil, thus driving away the oxygen. You should consider installing stepping stones for walking.

30 July 2014 ~ Comments Off

Convert Your Backyard Into a Picnic Spot

Whether it’s an afternoon barbecue with friends or an intimate al fresco dinner, there is something about eating outside that makes a meal taste better. As much as we love it, though, many backyards tend to be a bit dilapidated, with worn out furniture and not a lot of style. Why not apply some of your decorating savvy to your outdoor space too?

Plan before doing

Before you make any changes, spend some time thinking about how you want to use your backyard space. Do you want picnics for the whole family? Want a shady spot to read a book? Let your desired uses form the basis for your plans, and work from there. If you want some privacy, do you have a fence, hedge, or something to block the neighbor’s view? You’ll also need a lounge chair or hammock where you can lie down and relax. A small table is ideal to hold your drinks, snacks, books, or gadgets.

A place for entertaining

If you want to have friends over for an evening outdoors, a classic trick is to plan three separate areas: the grilling area, the eating area, and the area to relax, hang out and chat. For the grilling area you can make a smart investment and buy an outdoor kitchen kit. These furniture sets are extremely practical for people spending more of their time outside. Choose counters made of natural stone to withstand tricky weather conditions, and if you’re on a budget, a small grill with an oven and gas cooker should be enough.

For the eating area, add a nice table with a couple of chairs. Rattan and wicker furniture sets are excellent choices. They’re weather-proof and lightweight, so they can be easily relocated. For the relaxation area, a convenient solution is to install a hammock in your backyard.

Buy furniture that will last

Outdoor furniture has to take a beating, much more than it would indoors. It has to survive sun, rain, wind, dirt, sunscreen, and sometimes even snow. In spite of that abuse, it needs to keep looking good. It pays to get some good quality patio furniture. Look for something durable, easy to clean, and stackable if you need to store it inside for the winter.

Get the grill

Eating outside just wouldn’t be the same without the grill master at work cooking some juicy burgers or steaks. You don’t need all the bells and whistles like outdoor sinks, pizza ovens, or the like. Just get a basic, functional grill that’s big enough for the crowd you want to feed.