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Convert Your Backyard Into a Picnic Spot

Whether it’s an afternoon barbecue with friends or an intimate al fresco dinner, there is something about eating outside that makes a meal taste better. As much as we love it, though, many backyards tend to be a bit dilapidated, with worn out furniture and not a lot of style. Why not apply some of your decorating savvy to your outdoor space too?

Plan before doing

Before you make any changes, spend some time thinking about how you want to use your backyard space. Do you want picnics for the whole family? Want a shady spot to read a book? Let your desired uses form the basis for your plans, and work from there. If you want some privacy, do you have a fence, hedge, or something to block the neighbor’s view? You’ll also need a lounge chair or hammock where you can lie down and relax. A small table is ideal to hold your drinks, snacks, books, or gadgets.

A place for entertaining

If you want to have friends over for an evening outdoors, a classic trick is to plan three separate areas: the grilling area, the eating area, and the area to relax, hang out and chat. For the grilling area you can make a smart investment and buy an outdoor kitchen kit. These furniture sets are extremely practical for people spending more of their time outside. Choose counters made of natural stone to withstand tricky weather conditions, and if you’re on a budget, a small grill with an oven and gas cooker should be enough.

For the eating area, add a nice table with a couple of chairs. Rattan and wicker furniture sets are excellent choices. They’re weather-proof and lightweight, so they can be easily relocated. For the relaxation area, a convenient solution is to install a hammock in your backyard.

Buy furniture that will last

Outdoor furniture has to take a beating, much more than it would indoors. It has to survive sun, rain, wind, dirt, sunscreen, and sometimes even snow. In spite of that abuse, it needs to keep looking good. It pays to get some good quality patio furniture. Look for something durable, easy to clean, and stackable if you need to store it inside for the winter.

Get the grill

Eating outside just wouldn’t be the same without the grill master at work cooking some juicy burgers or steaks. You don’t need all the bells and whistles like outdoor sinks, pizza ovens, or the like. Just get a basic, functional grill that’s big enough for the crowd you want to feed.

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