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27 August 2014 ~ Comments Off

11What Do You Do When You Discover You’re Locked Out of Your Home?

This type of experience seems to have a large “been there done that” following among many people, male or female, married or single. It usually stems from forgetting the house keys and having left them either inside the house itself or in the office. This also happens when your doors automatically locks from the inside, so when you rush out the house, it’s very easy to lock the door, and realizing later you forgot the door keys.

Well and good if you left your keys and someone is home ahead of you. But what if your family isn’t home yet, or you live alone? Some people have a spare key hidden somewhere else, but this may be dangerous if intruders find out where you keep the hidden key. Another solution is to call a locksmith. However, you might want to try out a few things first.

Try scouting the house and see if someone forgot to lock a window. Also check the backdoor if it was locked. However, if you do discover an unlocked window or door, you might want to discuss this with your family and give them the old, “What if I was a thief? You just gave me an entrance to the house to steal all your good stuff.”

You can try breaking the lock if you can do this. Be advised and inform your next door neighbor before doing this, otherwise, someone might call the police thinking you’re a burglar. After breaking into your house, you can then call the locksmith to have a better lock for your door, one you can lock from the outside using a key. When you scout around the house try to see if you can use a rod, wire, or your old credit cards to pry open a window.

Breaking a glass window is never an option because the sound of breaking glass will attract attention, and maybe the police. Also, window repairs are much more expensive compared to having a doorknob or lock replaced.

Try calling up your family members since chances are one of them might be nearly home. Or, you can always go to where they are and go home with them later instead.

When all options are exhausted, perhaps it’s time to call the locksmith. Most locksmiths are on 24-hour call and if one is just nearby, the normal response time is up to 30 minutes.

The bottom line of all this is that, perhaps you should find ways to never ever forget your house keys.


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18 June 2014 ~ Comments Off

Simple Ways to Decorate Boldly Without Denting Your Wallet

Want to give your home and rooms a new look without emptying your pockets? These super simple tricks deliver major results for a minor investment.

Repeat Yourself

One is nice, two is better, but for maximum impact, three is the magic number. If you’re skeptical, take a look at the pages of a decorating magazine or catalog. You will be certain to see trios of identical stools, vases and other items. The triad seems to be the point at which a group of objects turns into a significant statement.

Try a Tray

It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of a tray. Place one on a coffee table to corral a group of decorative objects, or on an ottoman to transform it into a cocktail table. Do not ever forget the tray’s main purpose, which is serving food and drinks. Look at discount home stores for great deals on wood, leather, brightly hued plastic and fabric-covered versions. Or browse thrift shops and flea markets for enticing bargains with quirky vintage charm.

Supersize It

Adding an oversize accessory requires some confidence, but it frequently ends up making the room. There’s something so playful about the contrast of a large-scale clock or lamp set against its more diminutive cohorts. You often can find big pieces at big discounts in the clearance section of department and housewares stores, since lots of people think twice about investing in, say, an enormous ginger jar or timepiece.

Get Busy

Bold patterns are a surefire way to energize a space. And dollar for dollar, a jazzy bedspread or area rug can do more to change up a room than virtually any other accessory. Small prints are sweet, but for maximum drama, choose a design that’s medium or large in scale. Keep in mind that mixing prints can be tricky, so play it safe and stick to one big idea.

Dress Up the Living Room

Dress up windows with easy-to-make curtains. Sew multiple pairs of ribbons to one end of a twin-size flat sheet. Use the ribbons to tie each panel to the curtain rod. Add beauty to any room with flowers from the garden. Now is the time to use a variety of flower vases to make nice bouquets.

Dress Up the Bathroom, Too

Install inexpensive photo ledges on which to create interesting displays. Vintage mirrors and dishes lend the room a touch of granny chic. Save money by making, and not buying, billowy fabric shades. They require minimal sewing skills.

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04 June 2014 ~ Comments Off

Better Home Improvement Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

At the height of any real estate market sale, you might stumble upon some cheap property that you thought was your dream home, but is far from picture perfect. No landscaping, a bit run-down, a sad-looking Charlie Brown tree in the front yard, but with tons of character in that small space called a house.

Mix high and low

You can mingle inexpensive furniture with high-end materials and furniture. For instance, use plumbing pipes for hanging expensive ikea curtains; place custom pillows atop a bargain couch; an antique coffee table on an old oriental rug.

Repaint secondhand furnishings

Recoat or repaint old framed mirrors, chairs, coffee tables, etc.

Search thrift stores

You can find great oil paintings and furniture at thrift stores for under 5 bucks.

Create multi-purpose areas

With no proper dining room, a breakfast or kitchen table can functions as such, and also doubles as an art or work table for dad and the kids. You can add the vinyl cushions for comfort and décor. Kitchen or living room benches provide storage space under their hinged lids. You can even wallpaper the walls with bold colors so they clash with your furniture or tables.

Repurpose furniture

For instance, an old candy making table or an old serving tray can serve as a mobile kitchen island.

Create attractive storage space

A tray atop a narrow storage cabinet can hold ingredients for cocktails. Other ideas include using peg boards for the kitchen, in the work area, or as a headboard.

Mix art

A mix of inexpensive art like old paintings, sculptures, and even old fire hydrants can be complemented with inexpensive colored wallpaper.

Use wallpaper as artwork

In small spaces or bedrooms, playful wallpaper can grace a single wall such as children’s animal wallpaper.

Be bold with color

Bright colors actually make small spaces or bedrooms look bigger.

Shop salvage

You can shop around from second-hand stores or garage sales for items you can salvage and convert. For instance, you can turn an old garage complete with windows and door into a guesthouse.

Reinvent materials

Split or broken concrete from a former backyard parking strip can become your semi-paved pathway to your door or in your backyard. You can do the same with broken vinyl, tiles, stones, and shale.

Artful reuse or recycling of metal and other materials

A side yard gate or backyard fence can be built from salvaged metal. Or a discarded syrup barrel becomes a rain water harvester.

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