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Chinese Teak is Making a Comeback in the Year of the Wood Horse

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai as the Chinese say for Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. In Mandarin, this would be Kung Hei Fat Choi. With the exit of the year of the water snake and the entry of the year of the wood horse, there is a sudden comeback and demand for Chinese Teak furniture, particularly, the antique ones.  Teak furniture is made either from rare Teakwood lumber, Teak forests from human tree planting, or from recycled Teakwood from old houses, temples, and buildings.

Though Teak furniture is best known coming from Malaysia, India, or Burma, many westerners are suddenly taking a liking to Chinese Teak made from the vast Teak forests in northern China.  Teak has a natural durability to withstand extreme weather conditions. This unique characteristic in Teak has made it perfect as outdoor furniture and has somewhat made it a status symbol. Chinese Teak can last as long as 70 years even when continuously exposed to the elements. It cannot break down like plastic. It will not bend or break like tubular metals and will not rust. Teak even has a natural repellent against termites.

It is normal for Chinese Teak pieces to be passed down through family generations. Today, many types of Chinese Teak furniture is produced and manufactured for indoor use. Even old Teak pieces only need minor furniture restoration if they have aged for some time.  Chinese Teak, like any Teak anywhere, is easier to clean and preserve. Teak has natural oils that come out to protect it. There is no need for varnish, water sealants, or wood oil since these would only peel away in time. Cleaning can be done with just ordinary water, soap, and bleach to remove stains, mildew and molds.

Even the toughest food and drink stains can be easily removed with just water and soap. Many will thus, notice a sudden flooding in the market of recycled Chinese Teak furniture made from old salvaged Teak lumber. These are far cheaper than newly manufactured ones but may need some minor furniture restoration or furniture refinishing if they have aged for some time, or especially if they are proven to be Chinese antique Teak pieces.  For refinishing and restoration for all types of antique furniture including recycled Chinese teak furniture, it is best to consult a truly professional furniture company. Once refinished and restored, Chinese Teak furniture make a great addition for any home improvement.

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26 March 2014 ~ Comments Off

PVC Floor Tiles for Home Improvement

What makes PVC flooring a great choice for your home? PVC flooring can be used in any room in your home including your garage, gym, and even your home office.

The main benefits to choosing PVC flooring for your home are usually:

Easy to Install

The great thing about PVC tiles is their ease of installation. PVC tiles come in easy-to-assemble interlocking structure meaning you simply click each tile into place to install. This makes PVC tiles a great choice for any DIY enthusiasts out there. They require very little preparation and with the simple tap of a rubber mallet you could have your dream floor in no time. PVC tiles are also easy to replace if you decide to remove them in the future.

Ease of Maintenance

A clean floor always makes a great first impression to visitors and for those households with pets or young children, keeping your floor clean and tidy is often a challenging job. PVC tiles can help take some of the stress away from cleaning your floor as they clean easily. Some spills can stain or damage flooring, but PVC tiles are easy to wipe clean so they will always look and feel like new.


PVC tiles are very resilient. We have all experienced problems with flooring in the past, whether with carpet tearing or staining; wooden floors warping when in contact with water, or stone and ceramic tiles chipping or cracking when something heavy is dropped on them. The resilience of PVC tiles to water and other chemicals means they won’t be damaged with spillages. You will no longer have to worry about those red wine or marker stains. The soft, cushioned finish of PVC floor tiles also means you can stop worrying about damaging your floor due to the impact of something heavy being dropped on it.


When it comes to deciding on the right floor for your home you will want a floor that will last for a long time and be able to withstand the general wear and tear that a floor has to put up with on a daily basis. The chlorine used in the production of PVC floor tiles makes them highly resistant to oxidation, allowing them to maintain their performance for a long period of time. PVC tiles can also be used in your garage as a great choice for flooring. They can withstand the heavy weight of vehicles and due to ease of maintenance, any oil or fuel spills can be easily cleaned up reducing the risk of your garage floor staining.


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12 March 2014 ~ Comments Off

Finding the Best Air Conditioner for Better Home Improvement

If this coming summer you are planning to buy a new window air conditioner, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. As you are putting money and expecting to buy an air conditioner that would deliver consistent performance for years, be calculative and make your purchase well planned. Here are a couple of steps that will help you in finding a durable and better window air conditioner.

Understand what size of window air conditioner you need

Many people have this misconception that a bigger size air conditioner will more efficiently keep the room cool. However, a large unit air conditioner consumes more electricity. The size of the air conditioner to be used depends on the size of the room. An air conditioner does the room cooling by removing the heat and humidity in the air. If in a small size room, a too large air conditioning unit is used then it will leave the room damp because it won’t be able to remove the humidity effectively.

A damp room has the danger of getting fungus. Hence, it is very important to install a window air conditioner of the right size. To determine which size air conditioner will be apt for your room, you need to calculate the square footage of the room. For example, a small room sized 150-250 square feet, a small window air conditioner of 6,000 BTU is recommended. For a room of 450-550 square feet, a larger-sized unit of 12000 BTU will be a better choice.

Make a research on the top brands on the market

The brand you are buying and the features of the air conditioner are important aspects to consider while making your purchase. You need to properly check the market and review each brand carefully. Through internet reviews or by personally asking the people around you, try to get feedbacks.

Personally visit dealer shops and know the features of the air conditioners from different brands like the warranty period, electricity consumption, maintenance, installation and uninstallation convenience, etc. To make a good purchase it is very much important that you know all the features of window air conditioners of different brands and its prices as well. Compare all the aspects carefully before selection.

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