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Top 5 Subtle Signs That It’s Time for Basement Waterproofing

Anyone can tell you that if your basement is full of water, it’s time to look into basement waterproofing. But what if there’s just a little moisture on the walls? Sometimes, the signs of basement waterproofing problems aren’t obvious. Water is a tricky substance; it can appear and disappear almost at will, leaving behind only subtle hints that it is planning on turning your basement into a pond soon. The cost of waterproofing a basement isn’t as much as you might think, and taking action before the problem gets worse can save you a lot of trouble.

Take note of dampness

If your basement is relatively dry, but sometimes the walls or floor get a bit wet, it’s time to take action. Even a small amount of water, especially on the floor, is an indication that your foundation has been compromised. Water is obviously making it from the outside world into your basement, and with enough pressure, such as during a storm, this could cause a major leak or flooding.

Look out for efflorescence

Water can contain lots of dissolved substances, and when it evaporates, it leaves these substances behind. Efflorescence is a scientific term for these leftover crystallized substances. In your basement, efflorescence appears as a powdery white substance on your basement walls or floor.

Even if you do not see water, efflorescence is a tell-tale sign that water is getting into your basement. Soil and concrete contain plenty of dissolvable, tiny particles. As water squeezes its way through tiny orifices to get into your basement, it picks up lots of substances along the way.

Watch out for stains

Much like efflorescence, stains can indicate the presence of water, even if your basement doesn’t actually look wet. Thanks to the process of evaporation, the water can leak into your basement and then disappear, leaving behind only an unsightly spot or two to let you know it was there. These stains are especially apparent if you have a finished basement.

Be alert for humidity

Humidity is water in its most covert form. It may be invisible to the eye, but you can still tell it’s there. It makes the air in your basement feel heavy and damp. Humidity indicates that water is somehow getting into your basement and evaporating, a growing environment for molds.

That funny smell

Let’s say your basement doesn’t look at all wet, but it smells somewhat musty. That musty smell might just be mold, a fungus that can grow in seemingly inhospitable environments; all it needs to survive is organic material like water. Basements tend to be enclosed environments with little air circulation and sunlight, which mold loves.

Not only can mold become an aesthetic problem as it starts to show on the walls and floor of your basement, it is a health hazard that can cause serious symptoms in some individuals. Mold is an allergen, triggering sneezing, watery eyes, asthma attacks, and other health concerns. When you weigh the cost of waterproofing a basement with the value of your and your family’s health, the choice becomes pretty easy.

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Useful Home Improvements does not Have to be Costly

A can of paint is not going to burn a hole in your pocket yet covering your walls with fresh paint will have a big impact on the appearance of your home. You do not have to buy custom-made furniture to replace your old ones either. If your old furniture is beyond repair, you can go online or watch out for garage sales to look for used furniture that are still in good condition. If you want something new, then be on the lookout for upcoming sales to avail of great discounts.

Conserving Energy

Most households now are looking for ways to improve so that they can save on energy. For instance, if you are still using incandescent bulbs, try shifting to LED bulbs that use less energy, have longer life spans, and are more efficient. Another way is to check your plumbing system and repair any leaking pipes or faucets. These energy-saving steps in improving your home should actually be one of your priorities since it will come back to you as future savings.

Look to Your Door

Sadly, most homeowners are focused on beautifying their exterior walls or upgrading their furniture and appliances, but totally neglect to give their doors the attention it deserves. The door is the gateway to your home. It is what your visitors first see once they arrive at your home, so make sure that you impress them the moment they enter your home and when the time comes for them to leave. You can opt for a wooden door with pretty carvings or a more modern design for the sake of safety such as a metal door.

A Spotless Bathroom

Most homeowners hate the idea of cleaning their bathrooms, which is important because some visitors use it as a basis to judge your hygiene. To make cleaning easy, you should therefore design an easy-clean bathroom. For instance, use solid surfaces on your walls instead of tiles where you have to scrub every grout line in between. Another great idea is to use vinyl coverings for your wall, which can easily be wiped clean with a wet sponge.

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Keep Your Home Ducts Regularly Cleaned

Are you living in a home that has a ventilation duct system? Then you need to get your ventilation ducts cleaned regularly to make your home dust and allergen free. These airborne allergens can cause breathing disorders when not cleaned. Cleaner ducts allow better airflow in your ventilation system and it can also run more efficiently compared to ducts that are clogged with dirt and dust.  Having your ducts cleaned regularly can provide you with fresher air inside your home, making you and your family safe from allergies and any respiratory problems.

Dirty ducts are more dangerous because it has been proven that dirty indoor air is actually more contaminated than outdoor air. Bacteria and molds can grow within dirty ducts and you are most likely to breathe these contaminants in your house or apartment. So if you already have allergies or asthma, breathing in these harmful contaminants can bring very serious results to your health as well to your pocket. So to avoid these things from happening, regular cleaning of your ducts can prevent your illnesses from showing itself. In fact, having clean air improves your breathing issues and lessens attacks.

Cleaning your ducts makes your ventilation system run on its optimum speed. It would need less energy to provide adequate levels of ventilation inside the house. If the system has less dust, it would also generate less heat. So if your air-condition unit ducts are free from dust, it would provide much cooler air and require less power to run efficiently. The ventilation system service life can also extend longer because they are not strained with dirt and molds. Aside from being energy efficient, chances of breathing allergens such as dust, pollen, molds and other airborne contaminants are greatly reduced.  So it is best to get your ducts regularly cleaned by expert duct cleaners. Get only the best ducted heating cleaning services to clean your ducts.

A professional duct cleaning company can ensure to totally free your ducts from dust and other airborne contaminants. Their professional duct cleaners use powerful tools to totally clear out dust and other harmful substances that affect the performance and quality of your duct systems. They can definitely dislodge even stubborn debris and particles inside the ducts. So if you want to have cleaner air inside your home, let a professional duct cleaning company clean your ventilation ducts properly. They can offer excellent ducted heating cleaning services to get rid of dust and other airborne bacteria.






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