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Home Improvement: Selecting the Suitable Floor Covering for Your Home

There are different floor covering that you can consider for your home. There are a wide range of options that you can choose from. Naturally, you also need to know seasonal trends and choices. Aside from types of floor covering, you also need to consider color and longevity.


Vinyl is a great idea for rooms. They really look attractive. You can choose many designs to suit room ideas especially for the master bedroom, kid’s rooms, and the guest room. You may even choose vinyl flooring for sheltered outdoor spaces or recreational areas. Vinyl also makes good covers for walls.


This is another interesting choice for your rooms. You may consider this for wood floors or even doors. There are other kinds of floor covers related to laminates. You can also use plastic or fabric laminate flooring as well, or utilize them for outdoor spaces. Why not try laminate floor covers with geometrical patterns for the living room.


You can get carpets from home improvement retail stores. Consider contemporary rugs for home renovation this season. These modern carpets are best for home interiors; try out cotton and wool rugs. Synthetic rugs look good for outdoors. You can also buy oriental carpets and these can be used in any area of the home.


Hardwood flooring is another striking idea for your house. If you have a cabin or cottage house, then you can surely go ahead with this kind of flooring. You can also use hardwood flooring in your basement and storehouse. Treat the hardwood with anti-termite solution and get a good quality one so that they do not rot over time or get affected by pests. You may even choose this kind of floor cover concept for a library or the study room. Many homeowners even get hardwood flooring for hobby rooms or the recreation area.

Tile, Ceramic, Stone

Tiles are a nice way to define an area. Ceramic tiles are the best choice for any room. Marble and granite are two other choices for floor covering. You can also get stone or brick flooring for your spaces. You can even choose brick and stone slabs for outdoor flooring. They can be a nice addition to the garden and plant shed areas as well. You may also use marble for living room and other focal region flooring. You can also select them for platform or mantel space surfaces.


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Better Home Improvement: Create a Home Theater for Your Teens

One problem for parents is trying to keep their teen kids at home, at least some of the time, and away from potential trouble. What better way than to make a home theater room or multipurpose area just for your teen kids and their friends so they spend more time at your place.

When you make your family’s home a welcoming place for them, then you may find your teenager more willing to spend time at home. Providing teens with a safe area in which they can hang out without having you hovering over them like a helicopter parent means they will be more likely to spend time at home.

Respect your budget

Your teen would definitely enjoy an 82 inch TV. However, going with a smaller television in order to add comfortable furniture and new video games can be a wonderful compromise. This also teaches your teen the value of money.

Theme vs. the Basics

Ask your kids if they want a theme based room (based on their design) or if they prefer a basic theater and game room. They may decide on a theme based on a popular video instead of just a popcorn motif. They might even suggest additional stuff like a mini-fridge or a billiard table.


If you are going to have teens in and out of your home, snacks are a must. You don’t always have to bake brownies with marshmallows and puffed rice cereals. A cabinet of grab-and-go snacks and a mini-fridge with soda drinks is good enough.


A ping pong table, billiard table, gaming console, or some other activity besides watching movies can make a family theater room a lot of fun for teenagers. Add some fun props to create a wall photo booth where they can snap pictures.

Strong Furniture

You will want furniture that holds up to a lot of wear and tear. Before buying furniture for your new home theater room, read some online suggestions and consider recliners. Don’t crowd the area with furniture. If you are shipping or storing it, hire a good shipping container.

Respecting the Rules

Let your teens know that they can hang out with their friends without you popping in every five minutes, as long as they do not give you a reason to do so. Teenagers and even young children actually want rules, because it makes them feel loved by their parents or guardians.

One basic and strong rule is the prohibition of alcohol or drugs in your home. Another is the rule about movies that contain objectionable content. Have them tidy up before everyone leaves to go home. Rules are not a way to make things less fun for teenagers. They are guidelines for keeping your teens and their friends safe while in your home.

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