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Practical Kitchen Stuff to Give Newly Weds

Bridal registries have gotten a lot more creative these days, with couples asking for contributions to honeymoons, home renovations, and even gifts to charity. But the most popular registry items continue to be practical kitchen items as cookware, small kitchen appliances, and other kitchen gear. Friends typically spend about $80 on a wedding gift while relatives spend about $150. Here are some affordable stuff to consider giving for the bride and groom.


A standard kitchen stand mixer is a perennial item on wedding registries that is affordable. It can be a whiz when it comes to whipping and mixing and scores points for versatility, thanks to its dough hooks, whisk attachment, and liquid blending rod, which is designed to blend soups, smoothies, and more.

Frying pan

If there’s one pan to have, it’s a nonstick 10-inch Omelet Pan, a best buy at only $40. Eggs slide out of the pan with ease and it is superb at evenly heating food. It’s simple to clean and stands up to tough durability tests. Nonstick frying pans can be bought separately or usually as part of 10-piece sets that costs around $200, still a best buy.


Coffeemakers as wedding gifts are still selling like hot cakes and offer the advantage of letting everyone make their favorite brew. They are excellent for brewing speed and no waiting for the water to heat. Java makers are also consistent at filling the cups to the same level and keeping a steady temperature.

Toaster oven

Toaster ovens are good choices to prepare smaller meals. The quartz and ceramic heating elements can cook more efficiently and don’t require any preheating. Corn muffins and frozen pizza come out nicely in tests as well as toasted sliced bread and corned beef.


Stainless steel toasters are now all the rage for wedding gifts. Its ability to turn out evenly browned toast, batch after batch, is quite unsurpassed. It is particularly good at toasting at a range of intensities, ideal for folks with different preferences, and does a good job on single slices as well. Special features include settings for bagels, warming and reheating, and defrosting.


Microwaves are definitely must-haves for cooking convenience. Easy to use, microwave ovens are the fastest to heat water for a quick mug of instant coffee, and are relatively quiet when on high. A very good performer overall, it offers superb defrosting and very good heating evenness.

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